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YesWeSim has been providing one of the most memorable experiences for your customers since 2015: putting yourself in the shoes of a pilot on board ultra-realistic flight simulators.

When you’re looking for an activity for your customers, staff or to liven up an event, you often come up with the same ideas over and over again. With YesWeSim, opt for innovation and excitement with our range of simulators. Turn your gallery or trade fair into an aerodrome for a few hours or days! Accompanied by pilot instructors, you’ll let everyone take the controls and choose their own scenario. Photos, memories, smiles and laughter – and why not a little competition?

The ultimate attraction.

Do you prefer aerobatics, fighter jets, or a large Airbus?
Not an aviation fan? Check out our Formula 1 or GT racing simulators.

No need to choose, we’ll turn your shopping mall or premises into a real airport or racing track !

Put yourself in the shoes of a fighter pilot: take the controls of Lockheed Martin’s latest F35-B and develop your missile firing, landing and vertical touchdown skills. Hundreds of possible scenarios to delight your customers.

If you cater for a general audience, our aerobatics and tourist aviation simulators will be perfect: 24,000 destinations to choose from, so you can take off from the city of your choice! Day or night, or in bad weather, put yourself in a situation to test your piloting skills.

Fancy some virtual reality? Our VR simulators are here to give you the most immersive experience available, with or without jacks! Looping, paradise trips to the Seychelles, flying over Dubai… escape from everyday life with the many possible scenarios.

Shall we take you for a ride?

Take the pilot’s seat!

At YesWeSim, you take the controls, accompanied by our instructors who guide you and explain how the plane works.

Teenagers, adults, grown-ups or perpetual kids… everyone can try their hand at the challenge of landing a plane on the runway, in good weather or bad. Try out our hundreds of possible scenarios, and see if you’ve got what it takes to be an aviator!

We put our wheels down at…

Large groups

Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Groupe Rocher

Aéroport Caen Carpiquet



Disney Village


Shopping centres

Cap3000 à Nice

Carrefour Athis Mons

AuShopping Lyon Dardilly

AuShopping Lyon Caluire


Salon du Bourget

Maisons de la mutualité

Paris Air Forum

Salon des bloggeurs de Voyage

Foire de Nice


Aéroport d’Orly

Siège Aéroports de Paris CDG

Aéroport de Lille


Exclusive offer!

First flight with us? Ask for a 10% discount!

We take our simulators everywhere, for a unique and memorable experience. From Europe to Dubaï!

Our Flight Simulators

Fighter simulators, aerobatics, Racing cars in VR or motion devices: the sky is the limit!

Our DR300

General Aviation
Fly over your home!


American Fighter Aircraft

Landing, hovering, aerial combat…


The airliner! A little trip to Dubai? An approach to the meeting?

Mirage 2000

French fighter aircraft!
Put its manoeuvrability and agility to the test in the field.

Extra300 en VR

Immersive aerobatics with motion ! For adrenaline junkies!

Calling Papa Tango Charlie! Contact us if you have any questions!

Want to turn your shopping mall into an aerodrome? Make a lasting impression on your staff? Or create a unique event for your open days, conferences or trade fairs? We’ve got it covered!

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